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Panel Discussion on supply chain and logistics

  • Panel Speakers:
    • Charles Devlin- (VP, Operations, Safexpress)
    • Mr. Arihant Jain- (VP, Business & Operation
    • Ms. Divya Jain (CEO, Safeducate)
    • Capt. Sanjeev Harjai ( GM, Logistics & Contracts , Ministry of Defence, Navy)

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor ITM University (Prof. Yogesh Upadhayay ) at opening speech briefed the audience regarding Academic Courses, different levels of research methodology workshops and the success of INNOSERVE-2014 organised by SOB, ITM University. The unique programmes offered by ITM School of Business in collaboration with industry were highlighted where students will be beneficiaries and groomed highly by collaborative organisations. Vice Chancellor of the University also marked welcome to the Panel experts and thanks to the Safexpress for its continuous support and collaboration with ITM University.

Mr. Anuj (Head Strategist at Safeducate) introduced the Safeducate program as the initiative of Safexpress. Safeducate is Delhi based & spread across country and is purely in the business of training and educating manpower. The aim, importance and benefits of supply chain were expressed.

Ms. Divya Jain (CEO, Safeducate) initiated the panel discussion keeping her viewpoint on supply chain, the roles, responsibilities, skills, abilities and mindset required in the supply chain industry. When asked about the opportunities prevailing in this industry she replied "Based on recent NSDC report 22 million people are required in supply chain industry at managerial, executive and lower levels". CEO, Safeducate highly emphasised on Innovation and related Safexpress and Safeducate to AAP as an example of innovation which irrespective of hurdles dominated the competitors (BJP & Congress).

Next Charles Devlin (VP, Operation Safexpress) again focussed on Innovation. He remarked that Innovation is nothing but trying to do things differently based on one's ideas and thoughts. He stressed on the 3P's (Performance, Profits, Partnership) essential to run a business and highlighted supply chain as the "future of the world".

Mr. Arihant Jain (VP, the 3rd panel expert added to audience information that 80% e-commerce in India is logistics and supply chain management. "The biggest challenge for us is to reach the product safely to the customer via sea, air, roads as we have customers all over the globe".

Capt. Sanjeev Harjai the next expert and GM, Logistics & Contracts, Ministry of Defence, Navy, put high stress on customer and cost. The expert emphasised to take right decision at the right time and to value customer as the king of the market. After the valuable inputs by panel experts the following questions posed by audience were remarkably answered:<

How is Safexpress better than its competitors?
Handled by Charles Devlin: "We follow a unique philosophy being custodians first and carriers second. We guarantee our customers that we shall take care of your products and make products available on time else we are ready to pay. This makes us different from our competitors in an interesting way. The essential that we follow is putting in place the right practises".

What is the impact of technology on supply chain? How much of it is adopted by Indian industries?
Handled by Divya Jain:"People need to be controlled in terms of information to be readily available and be prepared for technological changes. We need solid data to facilitate our decisions based on analytics and technology has a key role. Innovation approach together with technology is the need of the hour".

What challenges we are facing in Indian context? What is the contribution of safexpress to meet these challenges?
Expert Answer:
"We have always been facing challenges- India has a lot of festivals, tamasha's (strikes, political rallies), weather (fog, rains). Despite all the challenges and limitations we are able to deliver. India is a complicated place but still rocks and safexpress is all set to rock this country. We believe stay on the wickets and runs start coming". Panel Expert Ms. Divya added "the complexity of India is what makes us fascinating".

What benchmarks you keep while selecting the supply chain company?
Mr. Arihant Jain handling this question emphasised on (1) Network: Working with partners that have best reach in India. (2)Cost: Cost plays a crucial role and having the right cost in mind is important and (3) Past performance in industry.

Do you have international operations?
Expert Answer:
"We do not operate internationally but we support international players in a large way. Every country have their own rules and regulations and obstructions etc. India in itself is a huge country to explore. We love India with huge opportunities in it".

What skill-set the students should develop in order to be industry ready and what are the initiatives of Safexpress toward the development of employees?
Expert Answer:
Students at Safexpress are trained and sponsored to travel to India to different units (bharat ki khoj initiative) so as to explore the whole of India. There is Udhaan initiative where every year 30 employees at lower level qualify for the Managerial posts. Women welfare and empowerment is guaranteed. The Skillset students require to be part of Safexpress are as:
a. Be passionate about directions.
b. Creativity.
c. Willingness to go out and work.
d. Leadership.
e. Communication skills

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