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Search for knowledge or any systematic investigation to establish facts is research. It is about searching systematically for solutions to problems. For this statistical device is required. Statistical device not only provides a way of summarizingthedataintoquickerandmanageable information but also helps the researcher to make decisions about whether relationships between two or more variables are actually real ones. Statistics today have become indispensable in all field of human endeavor including not only natural physical and social science but also in the field of management science.

To address challenges and opportunities in the field of research a new software product SPSS nowknownasIBMSPSSStatistics 22.0 has enabled academicians and researchers to obtain valuable information from the data. Basic knowledge on SPSS is vital for all users before they proceeded to survey and data analysis. But very often people have inadequate knowledge about the basic operation of SPSS programme. this seven days workshop is for the beginners with little or no experiences in SPSS software who want to acquire the skills and knowledge of getting started in to this software. the programme simply aims at developing the pedagogical and research skills participants.

Objectives of the workshop

• To enable the participants to define research problems and develop a suitable methodology for addressing the key issues.
• To enable the participants to understand the need for statistical tools in research.
• The objective of seven day workshop is to impart the data analytical capabilities to the project leaders, business analysts, faculty, research scholars and post graduate students who want to enhance their ability of data analysis capabilities to facilitate decision making.
• The participants also learn about use of various data analysis techniques in research, designing the study, collecting data, issues involved in coding, editing, analyzing and interpreting the data collected.
• The primary focus will be on survey research with special seasons on Finance, Human Resources, Organization Behavior, and marketing areas.
• To equip the participant with analytical knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of work, enhance managerial ability to apply different types of statistical tools, interpret and use the result for decision making.

For whom

The participants of the program could be the faculty members, project leaders, business analysts research scholars who have an inherent inclination towards research. the participants may be the starters or on the middle of research or at the analysis stage. You can attend this programme if you want to develop a holistic view on the statistical tools to do an excellent research. SPSS software training is intended to instill confidence in data analysis and its interpretation. Corporate and educational Institutes can sponsor their employees.

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